Bonassola sea can be dangerous. In case of sea storm the morfological structure of our bay determines much higher waves - on an equal strenght - than in other locations.
That's why safety at sea is one of our priorities. A factor which should not be underestimated in the choice of a beach resort..
Over the years we have reached a higher and higher ability to prevent sea accidents, directly or indirectly, managing to cover, together with the other beach resorts of the bay and the local municipality, the entire sea front with a baywatch system from 9 am to 7 pm, outsourced to a cooperative of baywatchers.
Thanks to their cautiousness and carefulness, that at times may seem excessive, we have reached the aim to prevent accidents as much as possible: the number of rescue operations has actually dropped dramatically. Another goal that we had set for ourselves was the safety of our baywatchers: all of them are equipped with self-inflatable life-jackets that ensure the maximum flotation also in extreme conditions, and with special. life buoys that help swimming amongst the waves.
Remember, though, that safety depends on you as well and that everyone can help prevent accidents by respecting, and helping us to enforce, the following few elementary rules:

  • listen to baywatchers' advice and indications
  • do not go into the water during digestion time
  • do not enter into the water if you don't feel safe and if you do, do it with someone else
  • respect the signal of the red and/or yellow flag

A red flag indicates that it is dangerous to go into the water. If you want to know the reason, ask the baywatchers! A red flag is up also when the rescue service is not active (i.e. from 7 pm until 9 am).
A yellow flag warns you that there is a strong wind and it is dangerous to open beach umbrellas, as they could fly away and hit someone.